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Dental Technology

Dental Technology at Expo Yaletown

Expo Yaletown provides a variety of the newest, most innovative dental technology on the market. These technologies are designed to make dental procedures faster, easier, safer, and more cost-effective than ever before.

CBCT Scanner

A CBCT scanner forms a detailed, accurate 3D image of your mouth, neck, and throat. This is a device that your Yaletown dentist will rotate around you, capturing 150-200 images and reconstructing a 3D model in under a minute. Unlike a traditional X-ray, a CBCT scan will show both bones and soft tissues.

CBCT Scanner
Intraoral Scanner

iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner is a handheld wand moved around the mouth to render an accurate 3D image of your teeth within minutes. These scanners are a safe, efficient, and effective way to create 3D models of your mouth.

Itero Scanner
Dental Lasers

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are a versatile technology that can be used in many scenarios. They can be used to reshape the gums, perform biopsies for oral cancer, remove lesions, and whiten teeth. Expo Yaletown uses a dental laser for several different dental treatments.


The VELscope oral cancer screening system is an effective, efficient way to test for oral cancer. The quicker oral cancer is spotted, the more effective treatment will be. This system allows dentists to see symptoms of oral cancer that cannot be spotted with the naked eye, allowing for a quick diagnosis.




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